Peloton Technology Group is an independent consulting practice that is focused on helping clients effectively incorporate two major emerging technologies, cloud computing and mobile applications into their customer care strategy.

Founder and President, Randy Bailey has over twenty years of experience assisting Fortune 100 customers in financial, communications, and energy segments navigate complex technologies including CTI, call center, IVR and IP telephony.  Some of the clients Randy has helped include Cingular, BellSouth, Cox, Wachovia, and Synovus Financial.  Now, as cloud computing and Software as a Service, along with mobile customer care emerge as key technology trends, Randy has assembled a team of experts to understand, design and deliver these solutions to clients, enabling them to succeed in a landscape of economic difficulty, technical complexity and information overload.

Randy adds,  “I help my clients understand these emerging technologies and effectively apply them to attain increased revenues, higher customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency”.