Cloud-Based Solutions that Solve Complex Business and IT Problems

Appregatta is a strong evangelist of cloud-computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) developments, and we believe that the on-demand SaaS model will ultimately revolutionize the way that business and IT leaders invest in and benefit from technology. We are in the business of helping companies solve complex business and IT problems.

We are committed to fundamentally transforming the way business problems or opportunities are identified, analyzed, addressed, and ultimately resolved via the use of technology. Appregatta helps companies navigate the enterprise software purchasing landscape from start to finish, ensuring that a product is stable, secure, scalable, and consistent with broader architectural visions before presenting, delivering, and supporting that product.

One Source + Many Solutions = Endless Possibilities

Birst – On-Demand Business Intelligence

Birst™ is an innovative analysis and reporting solution that allows companies to easily integrate, analyze, and report on their information, turning it into key business insights to better drive business.

Biz360 – Social Media Monitoring and Market Intelligence

Biz360 is a social media monitoring solution, which uses advanced data analytics to aggregate and analyze vast amounts of news and social media data, yielding ongoing, relevant metrics, which enable customers to understand and engage their target audiences more effectively, respond to competitive threats, evaluate trends and improve the return on their marketing investments.

BranchIt – Enterprise Relationship Management

BranchIt enables companies to leverage the collective strength of the relationships held by their employees while protecting those relationships from exploitation and dilution, and providing complete employee and company privacy. The benefits of these uncovered relationships can be felt across the entire enterprise.

eiVia – On-Demand Predictive Analytics

eiVia helps enterprises move analytics from desktop spreadsheets to the Internet and links cause-and-effect information with predictive analysis. eiVia provides analytic applications solutions to answer a business manager’s most difficult questions: Why? What if? And what’s best?

mashmatrix Dashboard – Enterprise Mashup Dashboard made easy

The mashmatrix Dashboard is a visually rich, intuitive console that easily aggregates data from any web-service data source, and enables CxOs, sales reps and call center operators to rapidly personalize consoles and dashboards at the individual user level.

Mimiran – On-Demand Price Optimization

Mimiran helps companies increase sales through intelligent pricing. With a unique combination of pricing experience in strategy, business processes, and on-demand software, Mimiran brings a wealth of pricing best practices to increase the return on investment for your company’s pricing modeling.

TrackVia – On-Demand Database

TrackVia provides on-demand database software for transforming ordinary spreadsheets into versatile easy-to-use databases. TrackVia is revolutionizing the way businesses and other organizations collect, organize and share their business-critical information. It gives organizations greater control, visibility and accuracy of their data through features including the ability to manage mailing lists, clients and contacts; organize assets, inventory, locations or partners; sort and filter information; create custom reports, and share data – all in real-time.

TriCipher’s myOneLogin – Secure Single Sign-On

TriCipher’s myOneLogin™ Secure Single Sign-On combines web single sign-on with strong authentication, delivered as a service. It gives employees a single, secure login to access all of the web applications they use, and protects businesses from the risk of password attacks. It supports more than fifteen hundred web applications and lets companies add their own internal web applications in minutes.