Mobile Strategy Assessment

Mobile is the next burning platform for marketing, sales, and customer service, migrating from ‘an alternative’ to the best option for B2C companies who want to interact with their customers in the most meaningful ways possible, at the right time and place. Everyone knows they need mobile, but many enterprises are unsure what to do. Leading-edge solutions should be focused on their measurable impact to sales and operations. Mobile is becoming a strategic component of business, driven by the right mobile enterprise platform.

Realize the potential of mobile…

Mobile is a must have – 70% of organizations currently deploy at least one mobile application; 30% deploy multiple mobile applications. This trend will continue.

Mobile is complex – Large enterprises are dealing with multiple backend systems, some legacy, some newly deployed, and a lot of mobile devices with just as many mobile operating systems.

Mobile enterprise architecture is the key – To deploy mobile applications strategically (i.e., measurable ROI), organizations must get their mobile enterprise platform right.

Air2Web offers a mobile enterprise platform for real-time mobile self-service among your customers for 2-way, intelligent interaction that provides information and service to the consumer upon request and in the right context.