Peloton Technology Group

Peloton Technology Group is an independent consulting practice that is focused on helping clients effectively incorporate two major emerging technologies, cloud computing and mobile applications into their customer care strategy.

Mobile messaging, including SMS, mobile web and mobile applications have emerged as a critical channel for customer care.  A well designed and executed mobile care strategy can have dramatic impact on both customer satisfaction and financial performance.

While mobile is quickly becoming an essential element of best of class customer care, it can be difficult to navigate the fragmented mobile landscape.  Key challenges to implementing a successful mobile care strategy are:

  • Choosing the best areas of application for mobile interactions
  • Properly designing the interactions to work effectively on mobile devices.
  • Understanding where mobile is not a good choice.
  • Choosing the right mobile technology for the right interaction
  • Selecting the best technology providers/platforms.
  • Understanding the regulatory issues surrounding mobile.
  • Understanding the cost/benefit of mobile.

Unlike other customer care channels, mobile is extremely fragmented.  There are many providers or mobile technology and services and few if any industry leaders.  As a consequence, building a cohesive mobile solution involves assembling a solution that consists of multiple vendors and/or platform providers, each playing a role in the overall solution.