Social Media Strategy Development

Leveraging social media to drive insight, interaction and collaboration

The communication and interaction between a company and its customers is no longer static or one-way. Enterprises are beginning to realize the role of social media in connecting with customers and partners, interacting with the market, and building relationships between employees. There are many uses and values for enterprise social media, but the current landscape of offerings is fragmented and unstable; new vendors burst onto the scene and disappear just as quickly.

Appregatta focuses attention and efforts on vendors who rise above the buzz to deliver measurable value to enterprise and mid-market customers. Social media offerings should drive a company’s ability to understand the needs and wants of its customers and act in the market in the following ways:

  • Insight: Improve product development, customer support, and sales and marketing efforts by listening to what existing and potential customers are saying about your product and market.
  • Interaction: Interact with, build, and nurture your most important relationships via online communities, social networking, marketing campaigns, and customer service efforts.
  • Collaboration: Efficiently and effectively manage collaborative work spaces, distributed teams and projects across the enterprise and partner networks

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